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Looking back at past shoots can teach you so much… this shoot was less than a year ago, and in that short amount of time my approach to lighting has changed so much.  In fashion work I approached lighting in a very clinical way, lighting from multiple directions, ratios, and always choosing hard, high contrast light sources.  I most often reached for beauty dishes and anything silver, looking for more specular highlights…  Fast forward 8-10 months and I have moved away from anything hard edged, and I’ve moved to strictly LARGE, soft, white modifiers, and I have changed the direction which I shoot from.

I have searched and experimented for months on end to develop a new lighting arsenal, something romantic while remaining portable and ready for the run and gun shooting of a wedding day.  The most important part of shooting a wedding is to be able to correctly illustrate the ambiance of the venue.  Brides labor for months along with amazingly talented wedding planners to design a color scheme and lighting, all which comes together on that day to tell a particular story.

As a photographer you need to be able to insert that bride into this amazing setting and record it in a beautiful and memorable way.  That is why I will never shoot a wedding without my lighting assistant.  Having someone that knows how you operate is crucial to success, and the more quickly you can move about executing your photographs for your client, the more they can go about enjoying their special day, all the while knowing that you have captured the images they will have for a lifetime.