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** *UPDATE***

Shortly after making this announcement, ABC News contacted me regarding the story, and offered to get this information out to couples in need during a nighttime news as well as Twitter.  I was then contacted by a couple who were just really one of a kind, just genuine people, as love with each other as I have ever had the privilege to witness.  The event was set to take place in the Fulton Ferry Landing Brooklyn Bridge Park, but unfortunately the weather forced all of the events inside for the night and we were unable to take advantage of the amazing setting.  Even through all of the constant curve balls they were thrown, the couple never lost that happiness and spark that drew me to them.


This afternoon I stumbled upon an article regarding the closing of a Brooklyn bar and wedding venue, reBar, under less than honorable conditions. This debacle has left what I believe is to be almost 200 couples without a venue for their upcoming wedding day celebrations, as well as having to shoulder the loss of reception deposits, and in the worst cases, having lost every cent of the money they had laid out for their special day.

I know that in this case there really isn’t much one can do to comfort these couples and ease their pain, but as a wedding photographer, I would like to help in any way I can.

I would like to make a pledge to help, I have to decided to offer my full photography services to 1 couple of my choosing for their wedding day, for FREE

I will photograph this couples wedding as I do all of my clients, producing and delivering the best photographic memories I can. The venues may have changed, but the memories will remain the same, and I will be there to document them for you.

I would prefer to book a couple for this year 2014, as it would be less likely to interfere with a future destination wedding I may book, but I will try to make any date I am not already committed to work as well.

The only cost to the couple would be my assistant for the day, I have not had the chance to run this by them yet and cannot donate their time without their permission.

I am happy to be able to help, and I hope this terrible situation gets resolved in a way that is acceptable to those involved.